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BOMBSHELL: Achimugu, Atiku’s nemesis exposes how Okowa bought VP with $5million



A fresh can of worms has been opened by Michael Achimugu, the whistleblower at the root of the current credibility crisis being faced by Atiku Abubakar, the presidential candidate of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), in the February 25 election, with a revelation that Ifeanyi Okowa, the running mate is also has his hands soiled in the corruption pie.

Achimugu, who alerted Nigerians about how Atiku, as Vice President under former President Olusegun Obasanjo, opened a Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV), through which they pillaged the Nigerian common purse through shady contracts, revealed in a fresh video, part of the series he promised the public, how Okowa, currently the Delta State Governor, paid $5million, more than N5billion, to a retired top General in the Nigerian Army, with which he practically bought the position of Atiku’s running mate.

As in the case of Atiku, where he provided audio evidence of the conversation, where the former VP, seemed to have confirmed the corruption deals, he also provided an audio conversation he had with a top aide of the PDP flagbearer, who gave insight into how armed with the money, the General went to work, to seal the deal.

In making Okowa his choice, Atiku had dumped Nyesom Wike, Governor of Rivers State, favoured by the selection committee raised by the former VP in the PDP to help him in selecting the suitable candidate as the running mate, a development, which did not go well with some prominent and ordinary members of the party.

Though Wike had since dismissed the suggestion of being unhappy with the decision, he has since led a rebellion, through a body known as G-5 Integrity Group, consisting five governors of the party and some other prominent members, who had sworn that they would not support Atiku’s presidential campaigns as long as Iyorchia Ayu, remained the National Chairman of the party, on the ground that it was against the spirit and letters of the PDP constitution for the positions of the presidential candidate and party chairman to come from the same section of the country.

In the video, where he explained that Atiku’s problem with Wike did not start in the PDP primaries, where the former VP beat the governor to a second position to pick the party’s ticket, Achimugu, narrated how in 2020 during the COVID-19 restrictions, he had a conversation with his boss, via email, where the former told him that because Wike would not afford to compete, due to the fact that he would need to save some money to live a good life later, he would literally “be a lame duck” in 2022.

“There was nothing Wike could have done that would sit well with Atiku, especially as Atiku’s cabal feared that Wike’s strong personality would be a problem for them if they want to control him. And sure, they would want to control him, after all, they do have control over their own master.

“Now, you’re going to like this. Governor Okowa of Delta State is Atiku’s running mate. Prince Olatunji Olusoji, is Okowa’s Senior Adviser on Special Duties. He’s a party-loving man and spent his money on Atiku’s campaign. You can see from his WhatsAPP chart and phone conversations with me that he does not want Atiku and Okowa to win. He uses very strong words like ‘Okowa must perish.’ He describes Atiku as desperate, a betrayer and deceitful.

“Prince Olatunji is angry about the looting of the resources of Delta State to fund Atiku’s desperation. He goes on to accept that Governor Okowa, his employer, paid a bribe of $5million to a certain General Gusau, who along with the PDP Chairman, Ayu, went around to meet some notable people in Nigeria to make sure that Okowa, rather than Governor Wike emerged as the VP candidate of the party.”

Achimugu, therefore urged his audience to: “Listen carefully to his words, read carefully his messages and understand the true state of mind of genuine Atiku followers and supporters, who are still within that system. Olusoji is not an ex-aide or a former aide like myself. He is a currently serving aide, who is angry about injustice, about corruption and the likes. Will you also accuse him of having collected N200million from some other opponents? Will he be called a blackmailer as well? Listen to the genuineness of his anger and understand the true state of mind of a lot of Atiku supporters and aides, whose testimonies I’ll also be putting out in the sequel to this episode.”

Hear the conversation:

Olatunji: Atiku self no get money again

Achimugu: Does he have the kind money to contest election now?

Olatunji: He does not have money to run this election. He’s broke!

Achimugu:But why Atiku go defect again? Who are Atiku’s advisers?

Olatunji: Na Okowa and Ayu na him mislead am. Okowa and Ayu, especially Ayu. Okowa is using Ayu to do the damage.

Atiku Has 31 Children Hoping To Become Multimillionaires After His  Election, Got Master's Degree In Desperate Bid To Become President  –Ex-Aide, Achimugu | Sahara Reporters

Achimugu: But the damage will be for all of them now! The entire party loses, no be all of them lose?

Olatunji: You know what happened, before the primaries, Okowa and Ayu went round. Na Ayu carry Okowa, Okowa went to give General Gusau $5million.

Achimugu: Wow!

Olatunju: So General Gusau went to work on IBB

Achimugu: Okay!

Olatunji: IBB and Gusau were the ones who imposed Okowa on Atiku. You no see as Wike disgrace Atiku?

Achimugu: Yes now!

Olatunji: I support Wike o! I stand with Wike!

Achimugu: I stand with Wike!

Olatunji: You know say Atiku de lie. He exposed Atiku the way Atiku de lie. He finished Atiku

Achimugu: Yes now!

Olatunji: Atiku knows about the plot, he was just going to deceive Wike. Now, Wike don disgrace am for public now.

Achimugu: You see your governor, don carry Delta State enter debt, I hear say e collect loan of N140billion over Atiku matter?

Olatunji: Ahh! The total debt wey e don collect na almost N250billion

Achimugu: Jesus!

Olatunji: Almost N250billion e don collect over this Atiku matter

Achimugu: Hmm!

Olatunji: We e want take sponsor Atiku

Achimugu: Atiku self no get money again?

Olatunji: Does he have the kind of money we dey take contest election?

Achimugu? How does Nigeria get better. Like you rightly said in your message to me the other time, you said Atiku will not appoint people based on competence because he has made promises to different people!

Olatunji: Of course!

Achimugu: So, how’s he going to make the country work? How

Olatunji: Don’t worry, we’re not going anywhere.

Achimugu: I won’t lie to you, I don’t see you people winning this election o!

Olatunji: Dem de look for money wey dem want to use live life. Na dem papa money dem want to use extort people.

Achimugu: Na waa o! yes!

Olatunji: Craze people. Their story full everywhere o

Achimugu: Kai! Dam puru ba!

Olatunji: Their story full everywhere for town! Their story full everywhere for Abuja. People don know dem!

Olatunji: Still dem wan extort people, use dem papa election take make money!


BREAKING: Our witness never accused Obi of rigging Anambra election – PDP



Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), on Thursday pooh-poohed the report that Ndubusi Nwobu, one of its witnesses at the Presidential Election Petition Tribunal (PEPT), claimed that Peter Obi and the Labour Party (LP) rigged the 2023 presidential election in Anambra State, saying nothing could be farther from the truth, as no such claim was ever made.

The party which said at no time did it change its position that the LP won the election in the state, described the twist given to its evidence in court as an attempt to discredit the personality of Nwobu.

Uloka Chibuike, spokesman of the Atiku/Okowa Presidential Campaign Committee Anambra State, in a statement, warned Nigerians to be wary of the the antics of those who peddled fake news, adding that bloggers must also be careful about the type of stories they ran with, given the tendency of some people for mischief.

The statement, read: “The attention of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) and Atiku/Okowa Presidential Campaign Committee in Anambra State has been drawn to a publication in the public space where the purveyors of fake news alleged that Chief Ndubisi Nwobu claimed that Peter Obi rigged the presidential election in Anambra State at the ongoing Presidential Election Petition Court.

“This is not only falsehood, wickedness, and devilishness, but also a deliberate attempt by a few innuendos to discredit and blackmail Chief Nwobu’s person.

We wish to state unequivocally and for the record that the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) did not file a petition against the Labour Party, nor did the PDP name the Labour Party as a respondent in her suits at the ongoing Presidential Election Petition Court; rather, our petitions are against the All Progressives Congress Party (APC) and the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC).

“Chief Ndubisi Nwobu was at the Tribunal on the 7th day of June, 2023, as the 11th witness of HE, Alhaji Atiku Abubakar, GCON, and the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), to testify against INEC’s refusal to adhere to its own election guidelines, which state that polling unit results are to be electronically transmitted with the Bimodal Voter Accreditation System (BVAS) directly and in real-time to the IREV portal.

“Chief Ndubisi Nwobu did not, by any means or disguise, state that Peter Obi, the presidential candidate of the Labour Party, ‘rigged’ the presidential election in Anambra State or anywhere else. The Tribunal went further to ask Chief Nwobu who won the election in Anambra State; he responded explicitly that the Labour Party won the presidential election in the state and that his party is not in court with the Labour Party but with INEC, having reneged on her own guidelines.

“While we call on unsuspecting members of the public to kindly disregard the fake news that Chief Ndubisi Nwobu accused Peter Obi of rigging the presidential elections in Anambra State, we also wish to warn online bloggers against patronising stories with sensational headlines without proper investigations, as expected by journalists and all news merchants.

“The Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) and Atiku Abubakar, GCON, its presidential candidate, are determined to present all evidence against INEC and the All Progressives Congress Party to convince the Presidential Election Petition Court that the mandate willingly given to Atiku Abubakar by the majority of Nigerians was wrongly appropriated and that such matters must be addressed to retrieve the mandate from the APC. Those wishing to divert attention, frame and defame innocent individuals should desist or face the consequences of their actions.”

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INEC, Yakubu should be recognised for breaking world record with 2023 election – Okonkwo



Kenthe Okonkwo, spokesperson of the Labour Party (LP) and Obi-Datti Presidential Campaign Council (ODPCC), in the 2023 election has given a new title to the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) of the worst electoral body in the world.

Okonkwo a renowned actor and lawyer, currently in the legal team of Obi and the LP, at the Court of Appeal Abuja, presently sitting as the Presidential Election Petition Tribunal (PEPT), hearing petitions against the declaration of Bola Ahmed Tinubu as winner of the February 25 presidential election, came to the conclusion against the backdrop of the outcomes of the proceedings in court.

He was particularly scandalised that INEC is attempting deny documents it was said to have issued to Obi and LP, one of the three petitioners challenging Tinubu’s victory, even as he has since been inaugurated as the 16th President of Nigeria and already working in the capacity of Nigerian first citizen.

Using his known Twitter handle, Okonkwo, who regularly gives update on the proceedings in court, wrote: “We are back today again at the Presidential Election Petition Court (COA) for the continuation of our Petition. “I can confidently say that INEC, under Prof Yakubu Mahmood, has broken the Guinness world record as the worst electoral commission on planet earth. How can INEC stand up in court to say, “Mi Lord, I object to the tendering of INEC’S certified true copies of the election results.

“This institution is becoming an international embarrassment to Nigeria. I have never seen where an organisation, which by law ought to be neutral, is shamelessly objecting to its own documents, just to please some quarters. Well, God is in control and we put our trust in Him.”

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Now that Labour has been defeated!



Sunny Igboanugo


The little hope Nigerians had about any form of respite from the vice grip of a merciless cabal operating in the country as a government, has finally evaporated. Early in the evening of Monday, June 5, 2023, news filtered in that the strike action called by the Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC) and the concomitant protests thereof to challenge the sudden hike in the price of Premium Motor Spirit (PMS), otherwise known as petrol, had been called off.

By later that night, the news was confirmed by Femi Gbajabiamila, Chief of Staff (CoS) to President Bola Tinubu, who went on to reveal, what he said was a set of agreements entered into by the NLC, which was joined by the Trade Union Congress (TUC), which was previously absent, but had to rush in later that evening.

In fact, there was a kind of uncanny drama that followed the entire sequence to Monday’s meeting. On Sunday, June 4, the TUC was at the same meeting at the Presidential Villa in Abuja, with the NLC vehemently denouncing the parley. In fact at the time the Sunday meeting was going on, Joe Ajaero, NLC President, was on Arise Television, swearing before his host that the main workers’ union would not return to the table for talks with anybody on the subsidy matter until the old prices were reverted to.

Then, on Monday, it was the turn of the TUC to be absent. Nobody knew why. Festus Osifo, the President, had told reporters after the Sunday meeting as leader of his team that the union for the senior staff in the public service, had also handed down a set of demands to the government, among which was a reversion to the old price and to be followed by a proposal for increase in the wages of workers.

It would take some keen, discerning observer to see something strange in the behaviour of the labour leaders or at least suspect that much. But the meaning might not register quickly for the uninitiated or a non-follower of the activities of labour unions in the recent past. An smart follower, would have discover the pattern long before the drama got on the way proper.

What is more, a casual glance would expose labour more as an accomplice in the handing of Nigerians the short end of the stick, over the decades, since the end of the era of the genuine leaders actually fought with their full chest out for the welfare of workers and the ordinary man in the Nigerian street.

As much as 1993, during the June 12 struggle, Nigerians who had relied on the same labour to retrieve their mandate, which was handed to the late Moshood Kashimawo Olawale (MKO), Abiola, suddenly discovered that they were clutching on mere straws when the NLC under the late Paschal Bafyau, dumped the agitation and practically went into bed with the military government at that time, including Sani Abacha, arguably the most despotic leader ever witnessed in Nigeria.

Since then, others after that era in upping the ante, established a certain pattern, which became emblematic of the Adams Oshiomhole era. It took a dimension in hoodwinking Nigerians to believe that the solidarity songs, the street protests and the sit-at-homes initiated were for them, when indeed, they were actually some well-choreographed activities to ride on their backs to feather their own nests.

Figure out the Oshimhole of those days and the one who now lives in a mansion said to be one of the wonders of Nigeria – built on a vast acreage of land with  with artificial lake and swimming pool on the rooftop, to understand your true standing with those who have since taken over where he stopped.

It is even instructive that we’ve started hearing about strikes again in the period of Ajaero and Tinubu. During the eight-year period of President Muhammadu Buhari, when Ayuba Wabba, was in charge, the word seemed to have disappeared. That was why the government got away from blue murder with the way it related to Nigerians.

For all it is worth the said meeting said it agreed to establish a joint committee to review the proposal for “any wage increase or award and establish a framework and timeline for implementation,” and for the federal government, the TUC and the NLC to review the World Bank-financed cash transfer scheme and propose the inclusion of low-income earners in the programme.

It was also agreed that the federal government and organised labour would revive the Condensed Natural Gas (CNG) conversion programme earlier agreed with Labor centres in 2021 and work out detailed implementation and timing and to review issues hindering effective delivery in the education sector and propose solutions for implementation as well as look into and establish the framework for completion of the rehabilitation of the nation’s refineries, as well as for the federal government to provide a framework for the maintenance of roads and the expansion of rail networks across the country.

Now try and make sense out of it if you could. But even an imbecile knows that this is clearly an obvious joke. For all you know the same people who came out with the funny document they call agreement, would be on the issue of a new minimum wage for the next two years at the end of which they may come out with an addition of a paltry N10,000 extra to up it from the current N30,000.

They could not even push to reduce the PMS price by a kobo as the Oshiomholes used to do, when they would sneak in at night to fix the price with the government, come out in the morning to shout, then return in the afternoon to “negotiate” and in the evening, announce the actual figure they had already known all along.

No, even that drama that served as some kind of elixir and a balm to soothe the wounds of Nigerians, has also become a sort of luxury. What about the talk about local refineries? That demand too, which the NLC and TUC insisted as a sine qua non, and condition precedent for the removal of the so-called subsidy, has obviously died a natural death.

But wait for it. In the next few weeks when the appointments would start in earnest, check what the lucky ones would go home with. Of course by now, orders must have been placed for the latest makes of brand new vehicles that would roll out of factories in Japan or Europe – the real guzzlers of the nation’s resources.

Watch as each of the would-be ministers are escorted home with at least five of such vehicles, fuelled, of course at the expenses of the same government that has no money. Watch the sudden transformation that would come to them and their family members.

Watch as the other appointees and those close to the corridors of power spend money as if it is going out of fashion. Nobody would remember subsidy then. Nobody would tell you that government is broke.

That is when you realise that the Nigeria they envisage is not for you. If by now you have not realised what ‘state capture’ is all about, watch what would happen in the coming months and years. Nigeria is permanently cornered in such a way that citizens have nowhere to run.

You’ve seen how the judiciary has been used to stop the proposed strike even before it took off. Do you go to the street for protest? The same police and army, who have been complaining more than you about the hardship in the land, would all be too glad to shoot you, because that is the only means of letting off some pent-up anger or assuage the feeling of self-importance.

The media? Deadend as well. The last few days, would have shown that that road has been sealed as well, because either by default or deliberately, or for obvious reason, that road seems closed. The same media that are supposed to ask critical questions seem sold on the single story. If all you hear now even from such a critical sector that ought to be the last hope of the common man is that subsidy is a taboo, where else would you go?

So, in the end, it is what it is. Millions of Nigerians will suffer, millions more will die – of hunger, of disease, of suicide. Tragedy.


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